Which portable products to buy

Here at the Fat Cow, we are here to please one demographic, and that is our readers. We are not paid by anyone for our reviews and we purchase these products in such a way that customers would, which means that we are less like a review site and more like a friend who has used the product and wants to give you the best information on whether or not you need to go out and get one.

We specialize in portable products. We are always on the go and so are you, which is why we understand the importance of portable product reviews. We also understand that portable products are often not as good as their non portable cousins, but that some do actually live up to the hype. That is to say, there is a huge divide in the effectiveness of these products, and one that we want to highlight.

Always on your side

Delivering you the best reviews on the products you are curious about is the job and the dedication of the Fat Cow. Our reviews are such that we are here to make sure that you are getting the best deal, and that when it comes to products that help you on the go, there is nobody better than us at telling you which products live up to their hype and which ones you can probably just go ahead and skip.

For those on the go trust the review site that is also on the go and that understands what your life is like. We live in the same fast paced world that you do and we have what it takes to give you the best information on top 10 picks amazon deals without trying to sell them to you.

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